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Bodytype Test


ANATOMY: Hands open front when standing, center of gravity on the heels, sits usually centered but changes the positions lot, tilts the body, support point below the hip, power line up and center, fingers backwards when pushing up, tight packet when sitting up straight
BALANCED: Smells first things first, strong intuition, innovates, senses and acts fast, contacts easily
UNBALANCED: ADHD, sensorical disorders or diseases, difficulties with everybody except nature
SPORTS: Jumping sports like parkour, long and ski jump, speed and motorsports, flying
MOOD: Fast and furious in the danger zone


ANATOMY: Thumbs front when standing, center of gravity on ball of the foot, sits laying on the back often feet crossed, twists the body, support point on the upper part of the back, power line aside, fingers outwards when pushing up, hands behind the neck when doing twisted sit-ups
BALANCED: Sees the whole picture, thinking logically and slowly, stays stills and knows, contacts rarely
UNBALANCED: Overcritical and cynical, even the truth cannot turn the head
SPORTS: Endurance sports like orienteering, wall-climbing etc. and ball games playing center positions
MOOD: Slowly and calm on the safe zone


ANATOMY: Palms front when standing, center of gravity on toes, sits upright often legs open, tilts the body, support below the hip, power line down front, fingers ahead when pushing up, hands on breast when doing sit-ups straight
BALANCED: Touching and doing the things, physical worker, feeling the things
UNBALANCED: Myopic with too narrow and short perspective
SPORTS: Power sports like track and field and gym, ball games on side positions or straight forward
MOOD: Efficiently on the safe zone


ANATOMY: Little finger front when standind, center of gravity on heels, sits on pincered knees, walks swinging the hips from side to side, turns the body, support point on the lower part of the back, power line around, fingers inward when pushing up, hands aside when sitting up twisted
BALANCED: Makes everybody happy, hugging, feels the people
UNBALANCED: Sucking all the problems of the others and gets tired
SPORTS: Team sports, dancing and artistical sports
MOOD: Esthetically on the safe zone


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