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History of e-Coach Marko Vapa in Finnish.

Marko Vapa established his company e-Coach in 2000 when still studying for Master of Sports Sciences in Jyväskylä. At first e-Coach gathered hundreds of endurance athletes and coaches for Online Training via mailing lists. The first ever hired online trainer for e-Coach was becoming World Champion in Orienteering Pasi Ikonen. During the years 2000 – 2003 the Team of e-Coach wrote around 1000 coaching articles and renewed the Finnish Orienteering Federation’s top level coaching education. Nowadays you can study the Natural Training via Luomu-urheilun verkkokurssi and the Orienteering Skills through Huippusuunnistuskoulu (these still only available in Finnish language).

Finnish National Ski-Orienteering Team in Ramsau in 2005.

In 2005 Marko started as the Head Coach of Finnish National Ski-Orienteering Team while also moving to Rovaniemi for building the Lapland Sports Academy. Academy serves by offering training, facilities and other services for the 200 Best Athletes in Rovaniemi. After the 3-year establishment work Lapland Sports Academy became one of the Top Sports Academies in Finland. At the same time Finnish Orienteering Federation fired Marko for not signing the Amount Based Training Program for All Orienteers. We just knew the things much better which is also documented in Marko’s Master Thesis and the Guidebook of Listening the Body (Kehon kuuntelun opas).

Marko & Co establishing the Urheilumaa Oy in 2006.

When the Top Level of Sports had been seen in Local Level and in Orienteering Sports Marko started to invent National Program for the Best Athletes in Finland. In 2006 Urheilumaa Oy launched the Athlete Program (Urheilijaohjelma) consisting of 20 companies offering Services and Expertise for the Best Athletes in Finland. Another invention of Urheilumaa was Purchase Return (Ostopalautus) which was piloted in Central Finland 2007 – 2010. Both programs were validated suitable for Top Athletes and Sporting Clubs waiting still the Engagement of Finnish National Olympic Committee.

Mikko and Marko doing the Blood Analyses in 2015.

Marko’s twin brother Mikko studied in 2006 as Blood Microscopist in United States under the Supervision of Dr. Robert O. Young bringing the Live and Dry Blood Analyses available also for the Finns. In 2012 Droppi Veripalvelu Oy was established Automatizing with Oulu and Jyväskylä University the Calculation of Blood Purity and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate from the Fingertip Blood Sample. Both analyses can be used for helping the Healthy and Fit or even Sick people in the context of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. After the 15 years of work the Blood Brothers have done about 15 000 analyses monitoring the blood of Normies, Athletes and Top Sport Teams around Finland. Also over 60 Dropperists have been educated by the Twins and now also the next level Software Development of Dropperbot System has been started to get more physiological biomarkers on the market.

Marko testing the Bodytype in Täysii 2014.

The Anatomical Knowledge concreted when Tadao Kawahara and Samuli Kinnunen educated Marko as Shiki Bodytype Tester in 2007 – 2010. After that Marko has been testing people’s Bodytypes in Health and Fitness Fairs around Scandinavia educating them How to Sleep, Sit and Move with their Bodies. During the years the both Blood and Bodytype Work have been fine-tuning the Online Training and Coaching Process so bringing Better Results faster and more easily than the conventional methods. So just get the Benefits and Click On!